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The main issue people have with wireless chargers is that they believe these devices are slow. However, the charging speed is something that differs from one charger to another. The solution is to look for the fastest chargers on the market!

Of course, the things aren’t that simple. Apart from being fast, your perfect wireless charger also needs to be reliable. It needs to serve you well for a long time, providing you with nothing but the ultimate performances along the way.

So, how are you supposed to find such charger? Our advice is to focus on the products manufactured by reliable brands. In order to help you out with your quest, here are some of the top brands of wireless chargers!


This brand has become synonymous with quality, not only when it comes to wireless chargers, but other electronic items as well. In fact, you can’t go wrong whichever Samsung-made product you choose. Speaking of wireless chargers, Samsung has a number of different models in the offer. They all have one thing in common, though – each of them is super-reliable and simply flawless when it comes to fast charging.


If you are looking for an affordable charger with superb performances, you ought to take a look at what Yootech has to offer. All of their chargers are capable of fully charging smartphones in just a few hours. The best thing about Yootech chargers is that they’re compatible with literally any Qi-enabled device!


All of the chargers manufactured by RAVPower have impressive specs. They’re usually a bit pricier than chargers made by other companies, but the price is well-justified. The reasons are numerous, starting with the fact that they can charge your mobile phone really quickly. On top of that, these chargers are very easy to use, not to mention that they’re also very reliable.


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